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18 July
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Hi... I don't really know what to write here. I like music, mainly goth, industrial, punk, and metal. Many variations/subcategories of those as well. I listed a few random bands I like, but I love so many it was impossible to try listing them all. Again.. randomness, not favoratism.

My journal is friends only, but I'll probably add you if you want me to.
4 skins, a little anime, abney park, absinthe, adicts, alien sex fiend, and also the trees, apoptygma berzerk, assemblage 23, astral grey, balzac, bauhaus, black lipstick, black metal, blade fetish, blitz, blood, blood for blood, bondage, boots, brother orchid, chess, chicago, cock piercings, cocteau twins, collars, colony 5, corpus delicti, corsets, cruciform injection, current 93, cutting, d.i., dark, das ich, death in june, death rock, denmark, djarum black, dostoevsky, duct tape, ebm, egl, evanston, evil glitter, exploited, faith and the muse, fashion, fetish, finn troll, fishnet, fishnet stockings, funker vogt, garou, girls under glass, gorgoroth, goth, gothic, gothic fashion, gothic lolita, gothic music, grave yards, gregg araki, hesse, illusions, in mitra medusa inri, industrial music, iris, joy division, l'ame immortelle, lace, larp, latin, life, lilith, lolli pops, lower class brats, mad sin, madball, magic, marshmallow fluff, maryland, mephiskapheles, mephisto walz, misfits, modeling, nekromantix, nemi, neofolk, nick cave, night, norway, nosferatu, oi, opressed, oxblood, paganism, pendragon photography, phantasm, photographs, photography, pretty knives, punk music, pvc clothing, rain, reading, reiki, religion, rockville, roses, rosetta stone, rpgs, safety pins through flesh, sartre, satin, self injury, self piercing, seven inch platforms, sewing, shadows, sharp things, sheer terror, shows, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, skinheads, slackers, sleep, sopor aeternus, spiderweb stockings, subculture, sushi, taake, tarot, tea, the cure, the damned, the eternal afflict, the garden of delight, the last dance, theatre of tragedy, tsol, two witches, vinyl clothes, voltaire, washington dc, wolfsheim, xymox